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New volume of General History of Nanjing issued
“Nanjing in the Qing Dynasty”, a new volume of the General History of Nanjing, was released in Nanjing on March 26.

This volume is the fourth one of the General History of Nanjing following “Nanjing in the Six Dynasties”, “Nanjing during the Republic of China” and “Nanjing in the Ming Dynasty”. Nanjing Local Chronicle Office spent 15 years compiling the book that consists of nine chapters and 600,000 words. Published by Nanjing Publishing House, the book starts from Jiangning (the former name of Nanjing in the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911)), and explores Nanjing’s political status, city construction, economy development, culture, social life, education and technology, recounting Nanjing’s ups and downs in more than 200 years. The book can be hailed as the encyclopedia of Nanjing in Qing Dynasty and it fills up the research gap of local history in that period.
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