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CPPCC members and netizens to chat about the history and culture of Nanjing
Municipal CPPCC members are invited to enter the studio to talk about cultural characteristics and history at 3:00 this afternoon. netizens can log on the official website of Nanjing CPPCC or focus on their micro-blog "@ in Jinling". Netizens can offer advice and suggestions and speak their mind freely on protecting the Nanjing culture and cultural development.

Many stories and idioms stems from history and celebrities in Nanjing. Do you know? As a historical and cultural city with rich historical and cultural resources, many cultural heritages in Nanjing are in an embarrassing situation that few people knows them. In addition, protection and development are not coordinated.

In recent years, culture has become an important soft power competition among cities. In the face of a new round of cultural development and competition, how to face the difficulties and problems and see the advantages of its own is a topic citizens concerned. What's more, it is the topic for CPPCC to grasp the trend of cultural development, enhance the city quality and taste.
It is understood that not only the CPPCC members but also 5 experts from  universities, cultural industry entrepreneurs will attend the online interview this afternoon.
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