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Torch of Nanjing YOG named ‘Door to Happiness’

Torch of Nanjing YOG named ‘Door to Happiness’

The torch of Nanjing 2014 Youth Olympic Games (YOG) was unveiled on the opening ceremony of the 4th YOG Cultural Festival on March 21.

The torch was named “Door to Happiness” which will head to Panathenaic Stadium in Athens, Greece, to bring back the Olympic flame for Nanjing.

The total length of “Door to Happiness” is over 50 centimeters, the main body of which is covered in the metallic luster. And the torch is extremely light. The silver-colored part is designed into the shape of letter “n”, which is the initial of the city’s name, Nanjing, and is also in the shape of the city gate of the Ming Dynasty, symbolizing Nanjing’s hope to present its grandeur and brilliance to the world through the games. The blue part represents the Yangtze River, the water of which passes through the gate. The gray strips at the bottom of the torch are the symbol of ripples, rendering the torch more dynamic.

The sign of the torch relay was released on the same day. The sign, which carries the name of “Mei” (Chinese character for “plum”), was designed by Ji Ziyi, a student of Ninghai High School in Nanjing. The sign of torch relay is the extended design of the YOG emblem. Plum blossom is the city flower of Nanjing. Plum blossom was the source of this design, which is colored in five hues – plum blossom red, philanthropist blue, tree green, glazed glass yellow and excellence gold, representing Nanjing’s ethos, spirits, culture, inclusiveness and achievements.

The YOG organizing committee intends to hold the YOG tinder collection at the Panathenaic Stadium in Athens as well as the launching ceremony of the online torch relay. The online torch relay will be carried out at the same time by presenting the whole process of tinder collection, international relay and the lighting of the main torch tower. The YOG organizing committee will organize a brief torch relay ceremony in Nanjing.

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