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Deputies of National People's Congress and netizens to talk about food safety together
In March 26th, Nanjing people's Congress website will hold the fourth "Jinling public voice- talk about hot issues" activities at 4 o'clock. 8 national, city, District deputies of People's Congress will be invited to interact with the vast number of netizens and talk about food safety. Netizens can log in Nanjing's Nanjing people's Congress official website or focus on their micro-blog "@ Nanjing people's Congress". You can ask representatives about your concerns, or express your opinions and suggestions.

It is a big thing to let people eat healthily and safely. The Municipal People's Congress Standing Committee take the food and drug safety which is related to the immediate interests of the people into routinely issues of the Standing Committee of the NPC. This kind of problems is recurrent problems and they are to carry out normal supervision. It is reported that the Municipal People's Congress Standing Committee will hear City Hall special report on food safety supervision in August this year. Before the conference, they will organize members and representatives to inspect the city's food safety situation and continue to carry out the supervision of food and drug safety. Formulating "Nanjing food safety regulations" has been included in the legislation plan of the Standing Committee of the NPC.

Nanjing people's Congress website has launched online questionnaire on food and drug safety problems. After the live chat, related institutions of municipal people's congress will comb netizens' opinions and suggestions and feedback them to related departments.
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