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Nanjing boy develops new PC
Ye Feng, born in 1988 in Nanjing, has developed a new-generation home computer Magic Box with his team. The computer has been put into mass production and launched on the market.

This “magic” computer looks like a square box about 20 centimeters in width.

“The product is cored by the Local VM visual machine independently developed by us,” said Ye Feng. “Users can choose to install Windows, Linux or Mac systems and manage their computers at will. Even in case of system breakdown or virus infection, the computer can restore normal operation in the shortest time, so we call it ‘a computer that will never break down’,” said Ye Feng.

The goal of Magic Box is to integrate PC, TV STB and router while merging the Internet and the Internet of Things so as to create a multi-functional data center and entertainment center for family use.

Ye graduated from Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics and worked in Huawei before he was soon sent to INTEL in Britain for software cooperation development. He decided to go back home to start his own business half a year later. The prototype of Magic Box was born in 2012, the main board of which was designed by himself and the enclosure was also manufactured by himself in lathe factory.

Ye found two friends, Lou Sunjing and Li Tingxiang in June 2012, the former has been working on product quality management in Dell for ten years, while the latter was a marketing department supervisor in a state-owned enterprise. The three of them chimed in easily and form a small entrepreneur team.

At present, Ye’s team has expanded to 12 people and resided in the software valley at the beginning of March as one of the first six contracted corporations of Dark Horse (Nanjing) incubator base.
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