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4 lawyers from Nanjing head to tibet voluntary service
At present, 4 lawyers from Nanjing head to tibet after the strict examination, physical examination and they become the first batch to provide legal assistance for counties without lawyers.

It is understood that there are 34 counties in remote and poor areas in our country without a lawyer by the end of last year and it is difficult for them to win lawsuits. Last year, the Ministry of justice decided to sent volunteery lawyers to these provinces and regions. As the news spread, dozens of lawyers from Nanjing are encouraged to register.

The 4 lawyers are from Beijing Zhongyin law firm (Nanjing). They are Jiang Tao, Zhang Zhihua and Su Chinese Gu di. They have 5 years professional experience and can independently carry out affairs. Zhang Zhihua is the director of the institute. They will travel to Milin County, Tibet autonomous. The county, with an average altitude of 3700 meters, about 20000 population, is one of the 34 non-lawyer counties. 

It is understood that it is difficult for local persons to win lawsuits. They usually travel long distances to neighboring counties in order to protect their own right. The Department of justice and China Lawyers Association jointly issued a notice that they will recruit lawyers volunteers from Beijing, Shanghai and Jiangsu and send them to non-lawyer counties to do legal services work.

President of the Nanjing Lawyers Association, Xue Jimin said:" They will serve voluntarily there for a year." Among 4 lawyers, the highest annual salary income is 1500000 yuan and the lowest also reaches 500000 yuan. They went to Tibet and all kinds of subsidies together only reach 70000 yuan. Besides, they must face the problem that they are unable to care for their families and altitude reaction effects on the body.
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