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Nanjing manages to monitor PM2.5 from the sky
Jiangsu has accomplished the task of “dust-haze remote monitoring system and technological plan”, making the monitoring of PM2.5 – the main cause of dust-haze up to the sky. This technology will firstly be used in Nanjing before the opening of YOG and Nanjing becomes the first city to adopt this technology.

The present air monitoring is mainly on the ground level depending on the 13 monitoring spots all over the city by sampling on the air of the PM2.5, SO2, NO concentration to calculate the air quality level. Nanjing is among the earliest country to conduct PM2.5 experimental monitoring and leads the whole country in this field.

“Monitoring on the ground level has its limitations,” said people from the Environmental Protection Department, “but using satellite remote monitoring technology can complement the ground monitoring by covering the whole areas including the whole province, Yangtze River Delta areas and even the whole nation and every square kilometer will be covered.”

The concept of this monitoring technology is to identify the happening and the severity of the dust-haze from the air though the satellite remote picturing so as to calculate the happening, affecting areas and even main ingredients and quantity of contaminations. This is so far the most advanced technology all over the world.
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