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Nanjing One-day Recommended
1.Dr.Sun Yat-sen’s Mausoleum(1 hour)
Located at the south side of the Purple Montain, it is Dr.Sun Yat-sen’s mausoleum who is recognized as the father of modern China.

Add:Zhongshan Scenic Area, Xuanwu District
Open Time:8:30-17:00(Closed every Monday)
How to get to:Metro Line 2 to Xiamafang Station or Bus 游1,9 to Zhongshanling Park Stop, and change “博爱线” 

2.Xiaoling Tomb Complex(1.5 hour)
Xiaoling Tomb is the burial place of Emperor Zhu Yuanzhang, founder of the Ming Dynasty. It has been listed as a World Cultural Heritage.

Ticket:70 Yuan
Add:Zhongshan Scenic Area, Xuanwu District
Open Time:8:30-17:00
How to get to:Bus游3,20,315/ Mingxiaoling Stop

3.Rain Flower Terrace(1 hour)
It is said that heaven rains flowers when the monk master Yunguang gave lectures on the terrace, which now includes a large museum dedicated to the martyrs during 1927 to 1949 in China.

Add:No.215, Yuhua Lu, Yuhuatai District
Open Time:8:00-17:00(The Martyrs Memorial Hall closed every Monday)
How to get to:Metro Line 1/ Zhonghuamen Station Bus游2, 游4,26,33,44,88,305/ Yuhuatai Stop

4.Qinhuai Scenic Belt(2 or 3 hours)
With a total length of 110 kilometers, the Qinhuai River is the “Mother River” of Nanjing. When flowing into the city, it is divided into two tributaries at Nine-dragon Bridge outside Tongji City-Gate in the eastern suburbs of Nanjing. As the city moat, one is called the outer Qinhuai River circling the city-wall built in the Ming Dynasty. The other is called the inner Qinhuai River with a total length of nearly 5 kilometers and historically reputed as “Five-kilometer Qinhuai”, The inner Qinhuai River is the cream of Qinhuai scenic area as it has such scenic and cultural spots.

Add:Along the Qinhuai River in Qinhuai Distric
How to get to: Metro Line 1/ Sanshanjie Station, Bus游2,1,4,30,31,40,44,49/ Fuzimiao Stop, Bus 14,23,33,43,46, 81,87 / Changlelu Stop

5.Yuejiang Tower(1.5 hours)
Praised as one of the four famous towers in Jiangnan, Yuejiang Tower is unique for its particular history and royal style.

Ticket:40 Yuan
Add:No.202, Jianning Lu, Gulou District
Open Time:7:30-17:30
How to get to:Bus 10,12,21,54,150/ Daqiaofandian Stop

6.The Memorial Hall Of The Victims In Nanjing Massacre By Japanese Invaders
Chaotian Palace(1 hour)
More than 300 thousand innocent compatriots were killed by Japanese troops in 1937. It is built right on the ruins of “ravine of 10 thousand people”.

Ticket: Free
Add:No.418, Shuiximen Dajie, Jianye District
Open Time:8:30-16:30(Closed every Monday)
How to get to:Metro Line 2/ Yunjinlu Station, Bus游4,7,37,61,63 /Jiangdongmen Stop

7.Xinjiekou Commercial Circle(2 hours)
Known as the "First Commercial Circle in China", it owns many large commercial, trading & circulation enterprises, and several hundred shops, hotels, plazas, banks as well.

Add: Around the crossing of Zhongshan Nanlu,Zhongshan Donglu,Zhongshan Lu and Hanzhong Lu
How to get to: Metro Line 1,Metro Line 2,Bus 1,3,5,9,16,25,26,28,33,34,35,100/Xinjiekou Stop

8.Xuanwu Lake(Taicheng) (2 hours)
Go to boat on the Xuanwu Lake to enjoy the sightseeing of mountains, waters and forests in this city.

Ticket: Free
Add:No.1, Xuanwu Xiang, Xuanwu District
Open Time:8:30-21:30
How to get to: Metro Line / Xuanwumen Station ,Bus 游1,1,25,28,30,33,35,56/ Xuanwuhu Gongyuan Stop

9.Presidential Palace(1.5 hour)
The history which has threaded through the Presidential Palace is rich, and it has been known as the museum of Chinese modern history.

Ticket:40 Yuan
Add:No.292, Changjiang Lu, Xuanwu District
Open Time:8:00-17:00
How to get to:Bus游1, 游2,29,44,65,95,304/ Zongtongfu Stop

10.1912 Leisure Block(2 hours)
Consisted of more than 20 buildings which are all Republican-era structures, 1912 is the nightlife center in Nanjing

Add: Crossing of Changjiang Lu and Taipingbei Lu, next to the Presidential Palace
How to get to:Metro Line 2/Daxinggong Station, Bus游1, 2,3,31,44,65,68,95,304/Daxinggongbei Stop
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