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Recreational Spaces

Recreation is a lifestyle. Urbanites in modern times are busy with strenuous work and study, so they need to relieve themselves from tiredness and pressure. Nanjing is an ideal place for recreational activities. Its great cultural heritage and avant-garde fashion influences each other and brings out the best in each other. In Nanjing, you can enjoy yourselves freely and leisurely.

1、“Nanjing 1912” Culture and Leisure Block

Adjacent to the west side of Presidential Palace, the block consists of over 20 buildings in the style of government offices of the time of the Republic of China, and four squares of Peace, Humanity, Republic and New Century. It is a fashionable commercial district integrating culture, catering, entertainment, recreation and sight-seeing as a whole.

2、Cultural Street of Changjiang Road

Changjiang Road stretches from Zhongshan Road in the west to Hanfu Yayuan in the east. There are eight landscaping facilities distributed along it, which is the only road with historical and cultural theme in Nanjing.

3、“Xinleyuan” Leisure Block

Located in No.193, Shigu Road, it is reconstructed from 8 barrack buildings. There are many restaurants serving exotic foods here and complete entertainment facilities.

4、“Shuimu Qinhuai” Fashion and Leisure Plaza

Situated at the east bank of Qinhuai River from Caochang Gate to Dinghuai Gate, "Shuimu Qinhuai" has got ecological landscaping areas and a fountain square, and it is a large-scale park-like plaza integrating ecology, business and leisure.

5、New City Mall

Located in the north of Hexi New City, it is a large-scale business center with integrative facilities of shopping, catering, entertainment, leisure, sports, culture, intercourse, office and housing.

6、Deji Plaza

Convenient located in downtown and directly connected to Xinjiekou Subway Stop, Deji Plaza provides one-stop services of top grade shopping, recreation, catering and entertainment.

7、Shiziqiao Catering Street

Located in the middle section of Hunan Road, this prestigious street, boasting rich categories and features of foods, is the best place for you to enjoy local flavors, famous Chinese and Asian dishes.

8、Confucius Temple Catering Street

Situated in Xishiba Street of Confucius Temple area, it is a grand view for its collection of Nanjing local flavor snacks, traditional snacks of many other places in China and featured exotic foods.

9、Leisure and Food Street of Wangfu Street

Situated in the busiest shopping center downtown, Wangfu Street provides various catering choices. It is a necessary functional supplement to the Xinjiekou Commercial Circle.

10、Perfect Food Catering Square

Located on the -1F of Xinjiekou Department Store and connected to Xinjiekou Stop of No.1 Subway Line, the catering square provides all levels of instant catering services.

Eight Groups of Top Qinghuai Flavors – Representatives of Qinghuai Snacks

Group One: Spiced Tea-boiled Eggs; Spiced Beans; Rain Flower Tea of Kuiguangge Teahouse;

Group Two: Shredded Dried Bean Curd Boiled with Dried Shrimps; and Crab Cream Stuffed Griddle Cakes of Yongheyuan Restaurant;

Group Three: Sesame Oil-flavored Shredded Dried Bean Curd; Duck Oil-contained Crispy Baked Cakes of Qifangge Restaurant;

Group Four: Jellied Bean Curd; Scallion-contained Deep-fried Dough Cakes of Lufengju Restaurant;

Group Five: Assorted Vegetable Stuffed Bums; Sliced Chicken Noodles of Qifangge Restaurant;

Group Six: Beef Soup; Beef Stuffed Lightly Fried Dumplings of Jiangyouji Restaurant;

Group Seven: Thin-skinned Dumplings; Noodles in Fried Fish Soup of Zhanyuan Noodle Restaurant:

Group Eight: Sweet-scented Osmanthus Stuffed Rice Glue Balls; Five-color Cakes of Lianhu Sweetmean Store.

“Eight Fresh Delicacies in the Water”: Fish, Lotus Roots, Cress, Lotus Seed Pod, Wild Rice Stem, Arrowhead, Water Caltrop, Foxnut

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