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Nanjing Language Training School

Canilx Modern English is an advanced educational English training brand introduced by Nanjing Langwen Training School, which specializes in improving student's practical English communication skills. The school provides not only qualified English training courses but also new concept of professional customer services. The school's motto of running educational business is that the customer comes first and quality is our top priority. At present, more than 5000 individuals have enrolled. The white-collar and people who would like to study or live abroad take a large part.

Meanwhile we offer specific programs to enterprises and government units based on their requirements. We have been providing corporative training to hundreds of enterprises and government units in Nanjing such as Yangtze-BASF, Siemens Power Automation Ltd., A.O. Smith, Budweiser Beer, Zhong Da Hospital, Jiangsu Provincial Construction Bureau, Nanjing International Conference Hotel, Nanjing Auto Group, etc.

Now Canilx Modern English Nanjing Langwen Training School has formed such work style of profound cultural background, professional teaching strength, and the enterprise spirit of simple and honest service. It cherishes the management notion "LIFE", L stands for Liability, carrying out the promised assignment to the letter; I for Improvement, developing actively, and ceaseless innovation; F for Faithfulness, honor to the customers; E for Excellence, controlling the process and focusing on the upshot and contributing to the establishment of Learning Society and life long education system.Canilx Modern English Nanjing Langwen Training School is the institution which is entitled to engage foreign teachers. All foreign teachers have abundant teaching experience, holding TESOL and "Foreign Expert Certificate" issued by the Foreign Expert Bureau. As for Chinese teachers, the minimum requirements are English major with Bachelor Degree and Band Eight Certificates with rich English teaching experience. Once recruited, both foreign teachers and Chinese teachers are formally trained and only those who pass the exam are accepted for formal teaching jobs. Also, the Education Department is always monitoring the teaching quality and arranging the training programs.

In the year of 2005, the Jiangsu Price Bureau awarded Canilx Modern English Nanjing Langwen Training School as the "Price Trustworthy Institution", and in 2006, the School was honored to be "The Trustworthy School of Nanjing" by Jinling Evening Newspaper and the Nanjing Private Schools Association. Besides, it was also honored to be the Most Influential Educational Training Institution in Nanjing, meanwhile it was selected as the State-level Demonstration Company with High Quality and Guaranteed Honesty by the Chinese Private Educational Association. As the reputation of Canilx  Modern English becoming higher and higher in Nanjing English training field, Canilx Modern English Nanjing Langwen Training School has explored the market opportunities in other cities since 2006. In March, 2006, Kunshan Branch opened successfully, and now in 2007, we're getting prepared for our Hefei Branch which is going to be opened at the end of this year.

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