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Specialties of Nanjing

1、Cloud-pattern Brocade

Nanjing Cloud-pattern Brocade concentrates the essence of advanced silk fabrics arts and technology of ancient dynasties and ranks first among the most famous three categories of silk fabrics of ancient China. It had been used as tributes to the loyal families in the Yuan, Ming and Qing Dynasty.

2、Boiled Salted Duck

Boiled Salted Duck has a history of over 1000 years. With white skin and tender flesh, the duck is fat but not greasy, and tastes very delicious.

3、Rain Flower Tea

With its excellent color, scent, taste and shape, Rain Flower Tea is one of China’s Top 10 Famous Tea.

4、Rain Flower Pebble

Also called Rain Flower Agate, it is one of the earliest ornamental stones.

5、Gold Foil Arts and Crafts

With unique production technique, Gold Foil is mainly used to decorate buildings and utensils.

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