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Useful Telephone Numbers
Service Tel. Number Service  Tel Number
China Telecom 10000 Police 110
China Unicom 10010 Fire Alarm 119
China Mobile  10086 First Aid  120, 86633858
China Telecom IP Card 17900 Road Traffic Accident 122
China Unicom IP Codes 17911 Help Call of Water Emergency 12395
China Mobile IP Codes 17951 Weather Forecast 12121
Query of Phone Number or Phone Area Codes 114 Time Check 12117
Phone Breakdown Automatic Service 112 International Artificial Call 103
Consumer Complain Service 12315 International Direct Reversed-Charge Call  108
Offence Report of Price Supervision 12358 China Postal Savings 95580
Offence Report of Quality Supervision  12365 Domestic Postal Express 11185
Violation Report of Institution Structure 12310 Railcom Service 10050
Public Service of Modern Express 96060 Red Cross 999
Legal Online of Nanjing Legal Bureau 12348 Power Supply 95598
Convenience Service Center of Nanjing 12345 Law Enforcement of Culture Market 12318
Street Lamp Repairs 83705339 Taxation Bureau Service  12366
Help Hotline for the Disabled 52435586    

Community Service 
Xuanwu Community Service Center 83211738
SuoJinCun Street Community Service Center 85413542
Xinjiekou Community Service Center 84707530
Baixia Community Service Center 84855384
Qinhua Community Service Center 52621111
Zhonghuamen Street Community Service Center 52409071
Jianye Community Service Center 86521111
Nanhu Street Community Service Center 86608819
Gulou Community Service Center 83461111  83407455
Hunan Road Community Service Center 86630153
South Rehe-Road Community Service Center 58808616
Xiaoshi Community Service Center 85521902
Bus Traffic 
Nanjing Long-distance Bus Station 85531157
Inform. Service of Nanjing Long-distance Bus Station 85504973
Ticket Service of Nanjing Long-distance Bus Station 85531153
Complaint Service of Nanjing Long-distance Bus Station 85531144
Inform. Service of East Nanjing Long-distance Bus Station 85477435  85477436
Zhongbei Info.& complaints Service of South Zhonngshan Road 86623394
Nanjing Xiaguan Long-distance Bus Station 58827455
Info. & complaints Service of Hanfu Street Bus Station 84540786
Nanjing Hanzhongmen Bus Station 86612288  86652234
Nanjing ZhongHuaMen Bus Station 52415393
Nanjing Qiaobei Bus Station 58850742
Nanjing Road Transport Administration 58750864
Rail Traffic 
Nanjing railway bureau 85820114
Service Hotline of Nanjing Station 85822222
Complaints Service of Nanjing Station 85414014
Information Service of West Nanjing Station 58805511、85835222
Information Service of South Nanjing Station 52414183  5830442(Duty Office)
Ticket Service of North Nanjing Station 5834262  5834242(Duty Office)
Joint Ticket Service of Daxingong 86642085
Sanshan Ticket Office 52208691
Ticket Center of the Provincial Foreign Affairs Office 83404161
Service Center of Nanjing Joint Passenger Transport 86642085
Joint Transportation Center of Liuhe District 57757620
Air Service of CTS travel Jiangsu 84573737
Civil Aviation & Shipping 
Info. Service of Jiangsu Civil aviation administration 84499378
Info. Service of Lukou Airport 52480488
Ticket office of Lukou airport 52480482、52480710
Domestic ticket office of Lukou Airport 86602902、86605015  86799110(Office)
International ticket office of Lukou Airport 86602912、86525730
Ticket Replacement and Booking office of Lukou Airport 52480482、52480710
Domestic Ticket Inquiry of Ruijin Road Civil Aviation 84499229
International Ticket Inquiry of Ruijin Road Civil Aviation 84499410
Ticket Booking Service of Civil Aviation Gulou 83311747
Information Service of Civil Aviation Gulou 83300737  83610336
Ticket Info. Service of Jiangsu Civil Aviation Co 84499378
International Ticket Info. Service of Jiangsu Civil Aviation Co 84499229
Inquiry of Nanjing-River Port Transportation 58805501
Boat Chartering of Nanjing Port 58804415
Citywide Traffic 
Public Transport Complaint Service  
Nanjing Public Transportation Corporation 83114800
Zhongbei Bus Company 85417384
Argos Bus Company 85429057
Taxi Call  
Zhongbei Taxi 58805805
Dongfang Cars 52608608
Jiangnan Car Rental 52429621
Province Foreign Affairs Travel Company 86226777
Lida Taxi 58811118
Traffic Accident Treatment  
Traffic Police Battalion 1 of Xuanwu 84429831
Traffic Police Battalion 2 of Baixia 84429832
Traffic Police Battalion 3 of Qinhuai 84429833
Traffic Police Battalion 4 of Jianye 84427066
Traffic Police Battalion 5 of Gulou 84429835
Traffic Police Battalion 6 of Xiaguan 58806097
Traffic Police Battalion 9 of Pukou 58851493
Traffic Police Battalion 10 of Liuhe 57791511
Traffic Police Battalion 7 of Xixia 85501500
Traffic Police Battalion 8 of Yuhuatai 84429838
Nanjing Section of the Shanghai-Nanjing high-speed Railway will be overseen by Nanjing Ning-Hu Railway Police 84449571、84429956
Airport Section of the Expressway will be overseen by Airport Highway Police 52450717、52785072(Switchboard)
Finance & Insurance 
Telephone Banking & Fund Transfer between Banks & Securities Companies  
Customer service of ICBC 95588
Bank of China, Nanjing 84455188
Bank of Communications 95559
Huaxia Bank 95577
China Life Insurance 95519
China Life Nanjing 52213794
Nanjing Pacific Insurance 84508808
Nanjing Ping’an Insurance 84799666
People's insurance Company, Jiangsu 84715999
Nanjing branch of the People's Insurance Company 84450647
Nanjing Ping’an Insurance co., (Property) 84705999
Tian’an Insurance co., 84202666
Nanjing Dazhong Insurance co. 83302780
Nanjing Huatai insurance co., 83302800
Provincial Insurance Industry Association 84791449、84791911
Water Supply, Power Supply and Gas supply
Power supply customer service 95598
Nanjing Utilities Service 52210110
Water Supply Service 52246324、52246341
Tap Water Complaints Service 52259080
South Office of Tap-water Corporation 86624762
North Office of Tap-water Corporation 83404295
Jiangbei Tap water services 58856434(Office)   58852017(24H)
Pipeline Gas Service 83361777
Liquefied Gas Service 83373784
Baijing Gas Service 85391410
Gas Service of China Resources Co 85280000
Supervision of Gas Service of China Resources Co 85470798
Municipal Utility Bureau 52200272(Service on National Day)
Telecommunications and Postal 
Telephone Special Service  
Local Call Number Directory Service 114
Local Phone-call Breakdown Service 112
Time Check Service 117
Weather Forecast 121
Voice Mail 166
Artificial Info. Board 1600
Manual Unicom Paging Center (local networks) 126
Automatic Unicom Paging Center (local networks) 127
Manual Unicom Paging Center (In the province) 128
Automatic Unicom Paging Center (In the province) 129
Manual Unicom Paging Center (In the country) 198
Automatic Unicom Paging Center (In the country) 199
China Telecom IP number 17900
China Telecom Customer Service Center 10000
China Unicom Customer Service Center 1001
Domestic Artificial Long-distance Registration 113
International Long-distance Registration (this city) 103
Mobile Communications Hotline 1860
Paid Operation of International Direct Dial 108
 Domestic FPH 800
ACC of Local Intelligent Network 300850
Access Codes for Calls  
Access Codes of Internet Card 52901
Telephone Information Service  
Query for the Machine Number 16801171
Traffic Violation Information Service 16850000
Driver Violation Information Service 16860000
Hospital Info. Service Center of Gulou 83611838
Grade Check Hotline of National English Exam Level 4 and 6 16899946
Hotline for Sina Rechargeable CARDS Application 16899168
Artificial Information Query 1600
Train Ticket Booking 85824224
China Post Customer Service Center 184、185
Travel Information & Complaints 
Jiangsu Tourism Info. & Complaints Service 83418185
Info. Service of Nanjing Tourism Bureau 83362686、87711005
Complaint Service of Nanjing Tourism Bureau 83606085
Nanjing "Tourism Golden Week” Hotline 83606085(Day),83608901(Night)
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