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Registration of Foreign Adoptions and Termination of Adoption Relations
Legal Basis
Article 21.2 of the Adoption Law of the People's Republic of China stipulates: Foreigners adoption of Children in China shall be subject to the consent of the competent authorities of the adopter home country in accordance with national laws of home State of the adopter. The adopter shall provide the proof or evidences about his/her age, marital status, occupation, property, health, and certificate indicating criminal penalties or not, that shall be issued by the relevant agencies of the countries where the adopter locates in, shall be subject to verification and certification by the foreign diplomatic offices of the adopter home country or bodies that are authorized by the diplomatic authority, and shall be certified by the PRC Embassy or Consulate to the country. The adopter shall enter into a written agreement with the person placing out the children personally, and to register with the provincial civil affairs department.
Article 28 In case an agreement on termination of the adoption relationship between the parties is reached, they shall go to the civil affairs department for registration of such adoption relation release.
Conditions for Acceptance  
With the "notice of adoption of children in China" issued by China Center of Adoption
III. Time Limit for the Processing
V. Base and Standards for Charges
VI Contacts
Address: No. 82 the Great Wall Building, North Taiping Road, Nanjing
Department: Provincial "Double Foreigner-related Affairs Centers
Tel: 025 -84403857
Complaints Tel: 025-8359433 for discipline inspection
1. The adopting parents shall first apply to Chinese Adoption Center of the Ministry of Civil Affairs, and the application materials shall be subject to the review of the Chinese Adoption Center. The Ministry of Civil Affairs will issue documents and determine the adopter candidate. And the civil affairs department of local government will accept adoption applications from the adopter.
2. The adopting parents shall bring the relevant materials to the provincial "Double Foreign-Affairs Related Center" which will review the materials. The staff will arrange the adopting parents and welfare agencies to meet, and hand over the kids.
3. The two sides together with the foreign adoption registration authority signed a commissioned fusion-period custody agreement, which is valid for 24 hours.
4. Should the foreign adoptive parents are really difficult to get along with the adoptee, or because of other major events that causes difficult to complete the adoption process, the foreign adoptive parents may return the adopted children to the welfare agencies, and submit a report applying to terminate the registration process. After the registration authority reviews the report and find it is consistent with the fact, the registration process of adoption will be terminated. 
5. After the adoption relationship is determined, the adoption agreement will be signed by welfare agencies and adoptive parents.
6. After the end of the adoption registration, the Civil Affairs Office will issue the adoption registration certificate.
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