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High-end Equipment Manufacturing
·High-end Equipment Manufacturing 
High-end equipment manufacturing includes the intelligent manufacturing equipment industry and the rail transportation equipment industry.
For intelligent manufacturing equipment industry, the construction of the R&D Achievements Industrialization Center for intelligent industry, International Business Incubator and Intelligent manufacturing equipment Industrial Park will be the focus. Revenue of this industry is planned to reach 80 billion RMB in 2015 and 150 billion RMB in 2020. 

For rail transportation equipment industry, the construction of Nanjing Rail Transportation Equipment Industry Park and the R&D and Production Base is the focus. Revenue of this industry is planned to reach 50 billion RMB in 2015 and 100 billion RMB in 2020.

· Electronic Information Industry 
Strategic plans for Nanjing’s electronic information industry are to:
Accelerate the restructuring of the electronic information industry, develop a world-leading new display industry base, forge an R&D and industrial high ground for next generation modern communication technology, and implement industry alliances and model projects for the Internet-of-Things on the liquid-crystal, wireless, and software platforms.
Accelerate the development of the computer and digital audio/visual industries, and promote 4C convergence (computer, communication, consumer electronics and content).
Accelerate the development of the microelectronics industry, launch the Beidou Industry Project, and realize breakthroughs in key areas such as automobile electronics, machine tool electronics, and power electronics.
Enhance the core competencies of the emerging electronics industry.
Gradually develop the electronic information industry into the No. 1 pillar industry of Nanjing.
The city has 212 electronic information manufacturers above the designated size. The CEC Panda sixth-generation production line project, the first production line of liquid-crystal panels for televisions in China, was completed in March 2011 and commenced operation. By the end of 2011, the production line realized a monthly production capacity of 60,000 base panels with an acceptance rate above 93%. Currently, a group of core technologies and products with proprietary intellectual property rights has emerged in technical areas such as new display technology, wireless sensor network technology, broadband wireless mobile communication technology, and RF identification .By 2015, the sales revenue of the electronic information industry is expected to reach USD 75 billion.

·Petrochemical Industry 
Strategic plans for Nanjing’s petrochemical industry are to:
Accelerate the regulation, rectification, transformation, and upgrade of the petrochemical industry, and develop a new chemical industry that incorporates advanced technologies, energy conservation, environmental friendliness and a well-rounded economy in pursuance of Green Chemical Industry requirements.
Support the implementation of projects for energy conservation, emissions reduction, “clean” production processes, and green chemical products, and establish a world-class ecological chemical industry park for chemical production, R&D, and logistics at the Nanjing Chemical Industry Park.
Improve the scale and strengths of the oil refinery and ethylene industries and develop a national-level fundamental chemical industry base for producing oil, ethylene, new chemical materials, and acetic acid.
Focus on the development of feature industries such as new chemical materials, high-end fine chemicals, and life science.
Currently, with 397 petrochemical enterprises above designated scale, the city ranks No. 1 in production capacity for products such as aromatic hydrocarbons, alkylbenzene, caprolactam, and acetic acid, and No. 2 in terms oil refinery capacity and ethylene production capacity.
By 2015, the sales revenue of the chemical industry is expected to reach USD 67 billion.

·Automobile Industry 
Intensify cooperation with SAIC Motor Corporation, Limited and Chang'an Automobile Company, Limited. 
Accelerate the development of production capabilities for 2 million units of complete vehicles for Volkswagen, SAIC Roewe, Mazda, Iveco, Chang'an, etc.
Develop new energy automobiles, develop designs and manufacturing technologies for high-performance engines, high-performance power cells, key automobile parts, and high-end automobile electronic systems, and establish a national-level industry base for new energy automobiles and automobile parts.
Cultivate proprietary brands, develop automobile service industries, and realize the coordinated development of automaking and automobile service industries.
Currently, the city has forged a series of comprehensive product lines of complete vehicles such as passenger cars, light passenger vehicles, light trucks, medium and heavy trucks, mini-vehicles, and main parts, including engines, chassis, car bodies, electronic and electric equipment, and non-metal parts. The city has 6 manufacturers of complete automobiles, 16 manufacturers of special-purpose and tuned vehicles, and over 250 manufacturers of automobile parts.
By 2015, the sales revenue of the automobile industry is expected to reach USD 33 billion.
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