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Strait City
Jointly established by several renowned companies from Hong Kong, Taiwan and Macau including Shimao Group (HK), FarGlory Group (Taiwan), Henderson Land Development Company Limited (HK) and TECO (Taiwan), the Strait Construction Investment (Holdings) Limited plans to raise as much as USD10 billion for urban construction as well as for investment and operation in such industries as hi-tech, advanced manufacturing and modern services across the Strait. In this way, it aims to promote common economic and social development by integrating the capital, technologies, management expertise and talents across the Strait.

The Strait Construction Investment Limited will invest to build economic communities for Taiwanese businesses somewhere in the mainland China that is featured by relatively well-developed economy, society and culture and by potentiality for development and cooperation. It will introduce the quality capital, market resources, management expertise, advanced technologies and talent teams in relevant sectors from Taiwan and Hong Kong to accept the software and hi-tech information industries transferred from Taiwan and to facilitate the urban modernization and industrial development across the Strait in a scientific and sound manner. It plans to carry out the Strait City project in the most potentially promising region in China by means of its solid advantage of industrial integration and adequate capital. The project aims at an ecological new city integrating headquarters economy & innovation-based scientific R&D base, modern services, tourism & recreation and internationally-oriented community, so as to facilitate the domestic industrial upgrading and to strengthen the city's functionality of modern general services.

As Strait Construction Investment's first project in the mainland China, Nanjing Strait City is located in the core area of Hexi CBD, Nanjing, in close proximity to the YOG Block. It is designed to cover a total area of around 3.23 square kilometers with a total floor area of 6 million square meters and a total investment of more than RMB60 billion as estimated. The project will focus on the cloud technology and, through low-carbon approaches, introduce hi-tech industries based on the R&D and application of the cloud industrial chain, thus seeking to build up an economic community for Taiwanese businesses which integrates headquarters economy, innovation-based scientific R&D base and modern services and is featured by low-carbon, ecological, energy-saving and environment-friendly residence. Once accomplished, it is expected to attract thousands of well-known hi-tech corporations across the Strait and worldwide, with an estimated total tax revenue of up to RMB10 billion. It will also accommodate 100 thousand office workers, 100 thousand residents and another 100 thousand tourists, serving as another modernized new town in Nanjing which is brimming with vigorousness and energy as well as the first green and smart city in China and an example for cross-Strait economic integration.

Strait Construction Investment will cooperate with cross-Strait and global hi-tech corporations and parks mainly on the SJTU (Nanjing) Strait Cloud Valley Technological Park to seek mutual interaction and sustainable development in cloud computing through the concentration of cross-Strait and global Chinese intellects. It will build a Town of Cloud and a Chinese Cloud Valley within the Nanjing Strait City in joint efforts with global hi-tech companies and upstream and downstream corporations along the cloud computing industrial chain.
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