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Nanjing BenQ Hospital
Nanjing BenQ Hospital was a Sino-foreign joint and cooperative hospital invested by BenQ Group for the purpose of rewarding the society and serving the public. It is established based on the national standard for Grade-3 hospitals with an area of 600 mu. The whole project is to be carried out in three stages. Stage One project receives an investment of approximately RMB1.1 billion and is to accommodate 1,500 beds, with general treatment and specially-demanded treatment as its main objectives. Stage Two and Three projects will add such items as scientific experiment, clinical teaching and health promotion, and are to eventually accommodate 3,000 beds.

The hospital has set up most Grade-1 clinical departments involving medicine, surgery, gynaecology, pediatrics and Chinese medicine, and is equipped with such medical technology offices as involving testing, imaging and pathology as well as laboratories. It also has top-leveled endoscopic center, ICU, international medical center, blood purification center and etc., offers general treatment, specially-demanded treatment, health management and other general services, and conducts a number of medical activities like medical treatment, health recovery, disease prevention & health care, scientific research and medical teaching. It is affiliated to Nanjing Medical University and serves as the teaching hospital for Nanjing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine. The hospital has employed more than 200 medical experts from the mainland, Taiwan and overseas who offer excellent medical services to the public.

BenQ Group is listed in Taiwan, with 12 independent affiliates including BenQ, AUO (among the world's top three LCD designer, producer and seller), Qisda, Darfon, Daxon, Daxin Materials, Wellypower, Raydium, Cando, BenQ Guru, Darwin and BenQ Hospital. Holding key technologies in hand, the Group shares and coordinates its resources among its affiliates in a vertically-integrated and horizontally-divided manner. The Group reported USD25 billion of total business revenue in 2008.
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