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Lenzing (Nanjing) Fibers Co., Ltd
Lenzing Group is an Astria-basd multineational group corporation with production bases in all major markets and sales & marketing offices across the globe. Lenzing's quality and innovation capabilities have set standards for the global man-made cellulose industry. The company's product portfolio includes three generations of cellulosic fiber, namely, viscose fiber, Modal fiber and Lyocell fiber (TENCEL?). It has made significant efforts to pursue a development philosophy of highly environment-friendly sustainability.

The Lenzing Group bases its global leadership in cellulosic fiber techniques on its outstanding industrial status and its persistence in R&D. Asia grows fastest across the globe–with regards to not only the viscose fiber industry. With a well-developed viscose fiber industry, China serves as the most critical viscose fiber market. One of the important reasons for our success is "close to the market, close to the clients". The Lenzing Group has supplied products and techniques to the Chinese market for decades. We established the Lenzing (Nanjing) Fibers Co., Ltd. in joint efforts with our capable partner Nanjing Chemical Fibre Co., Ltd. (NCFC) in 2005, and such a long history of cooperation has laid solid foundation for mutual trust. The combination of Lenzing's advanced techniques and NCFC's decades of understanding of China's fiber industry implies a future of success and prosperity. Our common goal is to satisfy the ever-increasing demands of the Chinese market with our best services and to provide our Chinese consumers with top-quality fiber products and sustainable long-term partnerships.
Lenzing Nanjing perfectly integrates the Lenzing Group's first-class products and services as well as its consumers-foremost philosophy with its deep understanding of the industry, and configures itself with Lenzing's state-of-the-art technical standards. It is unique for its top-level production and environmental protection facilities, including the most advanced exhaust treating device and double technical configuration (WSA + CAP). All the above illustrate how Lenzing Nanjing makes its technical and environmental standards.
At present, Lenzing Nanjing is able to output more than 100,000 tons of viscose fiber per year, with its key technical equipment supplied by Lenzing Austria. With a total investment of USD139 million and a staff of over 800, the company has achieved an annual sales revenue of RMB1.6 billion.

The Lenzing Group has fulfilled booming growth in the hot investment destination of Nanjing within only six years, which is inevitably attributable to the support from the provincial, municipal and district governments, the improvement of and enhancement to the investment environment and the interaction of the Chinese shareholders. The Lenzing Group has built up another plant in Nanjing recently. We believe that Nanjing will attract and promote more corporate investors by means of its well-developed auxiliary facilities with regards to investment environment, intellectual cultivation and transport conditions.
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