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Nanjing Guodian-Nanzi Automation Co., Ltd.
Nanjing Guodian-Nanzi Automation Co., Ltd. was jointly established in 2011 by Guodian Nanjing Automation Co., Ltd. (GNA) and ABB Group (Switzerland) with power transmission & transformation automation and power distribution automation as its core business. As ABB's mostly-invested project in China, it has received a total investment of RMB1,745 million and a registered capital of RMB800 million, where GNA holds 51% of the total equity and ABB holds the 49%.

The company will thoroughly integrate all the businesses under GNA and ABB in relation to grid automation, distribution automation, substation automation and communications, so as to provide users with more reliable grid and to realize energy saving and emission reduction by taking advantage of the products, technologies, expertise and resources from both GNA and ABB. The integrated grid automation business will have a scale of RMB1.8 billion and is expected to make RMB240 million of profits annually. As of 2015, its grid automation business is estimated to increase to above RMB3 billion with an annual profit of more than RMB350 million. The joint venture is currently among the top three secondary equipment suppliers in China in terms of market share. It has built a large production base in Nanjing with over 1,000 employees and advanced production lines for GNA and ABB products. It has established sales outlets and technical support stations in 30 cities across China, and can also improve its competitiveness in overseas markets by means of ABB's international sales channels.

ABB Group Corporation was established in 1988 through the merger of two century-old entities, namely, ASEA and BBC Brown Boveri. ABB, one of the world's top 500 corporations, has located its headquarters in Zurich, Switzerland. As a leading player in the power and automation technology sector, ABB devotes itself to promoting the performance of its clients engaged in power supply, public utilities and industrial businesses and to lowering their negative impact on the environment. ABB Group Corporation has set up business operations in over 100 countries across the globe, with a total staff of 145,000. Its cooperation with China dates 105 years back to 1907, when ABB offered a steam generator to China. In 1992, ABB established its first joint venture in China in Xiamen, and in 1995, its holding company in China–ABB (China) Co., Ltd. was officially founded in Beijing. Up to now, ABB has set up integrated business including R&D, supply chain management, engineering, manufacture, sales and services. With a staff of 18,300 and 35 local subsidiaries as well as the sales and service network covering 80 domestic cities, ABB realized a sales revenue of USD5.1 billion in China in 2011, 85% of which originated from locally-made products.
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