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BSH Investment (China) Co., Ltd.
Since 1994, Bosch and Siemens Home Appliance Group has invested in six affiliates in China including its Chinese headquarters and sales company in Nanjing and three production bases respectively in Wuxi, Chuzhou and Nanjing.
BSH China's line of products includes locally-made home refrigerators, washers, kitchen appliances, electric water heaters, small home appliances and imported high-end products such as dish washers and ovens, so as to satisfy various needs of Chinese consumers. Over the past couple of years, the company's two major international brands Siemens and Bosch have managed to occupy the high-end market in China. Moreover, the company has brought in another two brands including Gaggenau which concentrates on the luxury market and Constructa which is newly put forward for the rural market. In this way, BSH China has set up its integrated and competitive brand portfolio.
Since its entrance into the Chinese home appliance market, BSH China has turned itself into one of the most successful foreign producers of white appliances in this fiercely-competing market. BSH China is holding a Chinese staff of approximately 8,800 in the current time, and reported a sales revenue of RMB9.63 billion (excluding VA tax) and a sales volume of 3.53 million units in the year of 2010.
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