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BASF–YPC Company Limited
As a large petrochemical producer jointly invested by Sinopec and BASF SE (Germany), BASF–YPC Company Limited was founded in Dec., 2000 and started commercial operation since Jun., 2005. Invested with a total of around USD2.9 billion, its Stage I project began construction since Sep., 2001 and started full commercial operation since Jun., 2005.

The company is now operating ten world-scale process plants with 600,000 ton/year Ethylene plant as the centerpiece. The downstream units comprise a 250,000/300,000 ton/year Ethylene Oxide (EO)/Ethylene Glycol plant, a 400,000 ton/year low-density Polyethylene plant, a 250,000 ton/year Oxo-C4-Alcohols plant, a 160,000 ton/year Acrylic Acid and 215,000 ton/year Acrylic Esters plant, a 30,000 ton/year Propionic Acid plant, a 50,000 ton/year Formic Acid plant, a 36,000 ton/year Methylamine plant and a 40,000 ton/year Dimethylformamide plant. All plants employ state-of-the-art technology and BASF's "Verbund" concept to realize cost efficiency and to minimize environmental impact. It also has a power plant of its own and three international ports to ensure optimum energy supply and logistics.

Investment for the company's Stage II project amounts to USD1.4 billion, including expansion of existing plants and construction of new plants. The existing steam cracker is to be expanded to a total of 740,000 tons per year of ethylene. Meanwhile, capacity of the existing EO plant is to be expanded to 330,000 ton/year and a 150,000 ton/year EO purification unit is to be newly built. The plants to be newly built for expansion of EO derivatives value chain include a 60,000 ton/year non-ionic surfactants plant, a 130,000 ton/year alcohol amines complex for the production of ethanolamines, ethyleneamines and dimethylethanolamines, and a 25,000 ton/year DMA3 plant. The company already has a C-4 complex product chain at present, including a new 130,000 ton/year butadiene extraction plant, a 60,000 ton/year isobutene plant, a 50,000 ton/year plant for highly reactive polyisobutene and an 80,000 ton/year 2-PH plant. The capacity of the existing Oxo-C4 plant is to be expanded to 305,000 ton/year.

Yangzi–BASF Styrenics Company Limited is merged into BASF–YPC Company Limited in Sep., 2010. The former, a joint venture between BASF and Yangzi Petrochemical Corporation with a total investment of RMB2.2 billion, was founded in 1994 and is now operating a 130,000/120,000 ton/year Ethylbenzene/Styrene plant, a 200,000 ton/year Polystyrene plant and a 52,000 ton/year Expandable Polystyrene plant.

BASF–YPC Company Limited is located in Luhe District, Nanjing within the Nanjing Chemical Industry Park (NCIP) achieving synergy with the development of NCIP and the neighboring enterprises. It enjoys a favorable environment and convenient access as being close to the Yangtze River and adjacent to the Beijing–Shanghai Express Way via the second Nanjing Yangtze River Bridge. The company has been recognized by Nanjing Municipal Government as a Pioneer in Fixed Asset Investment and Major Project Construction in Nanjing in 2011.
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