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Human Resources
Abundant scientific and education talents
Nanjing, with over 50 institutions of tertiary education, more than 600 above provincial-level research institutions, 810,000 college students (including undergraduates and postgraduates), and 80 academicians of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the Chinese Academy of Engineering, boasts numerous advantages in talent resources. The total number of undergraduate students and the number of institutions of higher education in Nanjing rank No. 3 among all Chinese cities. Nanjing’s higher education institutions account for 40% of Jiangsu’s total number of such institutions. In terms of scientific research, Nanjing has 60% of the provincial level and above research institutions in Jiangsu and boasts the third largest R&D capability across the country. The number of undergraduate students among every 10,000 people ranks No. 1 and the number of postgraduate students among every 10,000 people ranks No. 2 in China.
In 2009, the Ministry of Science and Technology identified Nanjing as the only pilot city for the comprehensive reform of science and technology system. In 2010, the General Office of the State Council listed Nanjing as one of the first pilot cities for Triple-Network Convergence, and the National Development and Reform Committee and Ministry of Science and Technology listed Nanjing as one of the first pilot cities for innovative city development. Nanjing was also named by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology as the first “Famous Chinese Software City” and awarded the title of “Model City for National Intellectual Property Rights Protection” by the State Intellectual Property Office. In 2011, Nanjing was named a “National Technologically Advanced City” in the national technological advancement appraisal conducted by the Ministry of Science and Technology.
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