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Supportive Policies for Special Communities of S&T Entrepreneurship
 (1) Support for Development of Special Zones
1. To grant all Special Zones with municipal-level economic administration authorities and simplify the review procedures. Upon compilation of the detailed regulations and urban designs of the Special Zones led by the respective district governments and approval by the municipal government, the authority for planning and review of projects in Special Zones in Jiangning, Luke, Pukou, Yuhuatai and Qixia districts will be delegated by Nanjing Urban Planning Bureau to the respective district governments with the exception of operational land use and key projects specified by the municipal government. Projects in Special Zones in the remaining six districts will be administered separately by special offices designated by Nanjing Urban Planning Bureau to enable convenient and efficient administration and review.
2. To prioritize the land-use plans for hi-tech R&D in Special Zones. Land and properties for own use can be transferred through bidding, auctioning or listing as industrial land. Land can be supplied through conditioned listing and the transfer contract should clearly prohibit the transfer of the constructed projects. For land acquired by state-owned investment platforms, all land-transfer fees, net of any amount accrued according to the national and provincial regulations, will be refunded to the Special Zone development companies as the municipal state-owned investment equity, which is not entitled to share allotment in five years.
3. All Special Zone development fees, net of the portion not exemptible under regulations, will be refunded to the Special Zone development companies as the municipal state-owned investment equity, which is not entitled to share allotment in five years.
4. Subsidies will be granted for incubators, accelerators, pilot plants and talent apartments constructed in the Special Zones.
5. For professional laboratories, engineering technology centers and inspection centers in strong academic areas of universities and institutes jointly developing professional technology support platforms with the Special Zones, the relevant service fees will be fully subsidized by the municipal and district governments.
6. For municipal and above level incubators and accelerators in the Special Zones, the local retention of business taxes, income taxes, property taxes and urban land-use taxes will be subsidized by the municipal and district budgets within three years from the date of accreditation.
7. For enterprises in the Special Zones graduating from incubation and relocating to different districts, the division of fiscal incomes and taxes should take into account the interests of both parties. The agreed base amount will be refunded in full by the new district to the original district for the first three years and in half for the subsequent three years.
8. Various municipal policies for hi-tech innovation and entrepreneurship in effect will favor the Special Zones, prioritize the relevant arrangements and grant an additional 20% on the basis of various awards and supports. The same entity does not enjoy repeated supports but only the highest support granted.
(2) Support for Entrepreneurship in the Special Zones
9. To establish “Entrepreneurial Fast Lanes” and set up Special Zone service windows at municipal and county/district administrative service centers. To realize “One Stamp for All Authorizations”, provide prioritized and zero-cost services for the registration, venue leasing and human resources and realize a “Barrier-free Entrepreneurial Environment”. The Special Zone entrepreneurial service centers will provide entrepreneurial talents with all-round one-stop entrepreneurial services, including technology services, administration services, agency services, financial services and other relevant and featured services.
10. To allow “Registered Capital of RMB 1” for leading talents starting up their business in the Special Zones with intangible assets such as intellectual property rights and technological achievements
11. For start-ups renting their operation venues in the Special Zones for the first time, the Special Entrepreneurial Zones will grant “Zero-Rental” for two years. For enterprises graduating from incubation and entering accelerators, the Special Entrepreneurial Zones will half their rental for operation venues for two years.
12. For start-ups in the Special Zones, the local retention of the value-added tax paid will be refunded in the three-year incubation period and such funds are dedicated to innovation efforts of the start-ups.
13. Tenant organizations and those providing all kinds of professional and integrated agency services, such as technology transfer, technology services, technology trainings, marketing, patent services, financial management and legal advisory, for start-ups in the Special Zones will be awarded by the municipal and district governments based on their business taxes paid on their service revenues.
(3) Integrated Supporting Measures
14. To allocate at least RMB 200 million every year to establish the “Dedicated Funds for Construction and Development of Special Zones of Nanjing”. The fund will be used mainly for payments of subsidies for the development of Special Zone platforms and the relevant policy incentives.
15. To establish the “Nanjing Angel Investment Fund” with guidance of the municipal budgetary input. The fund will be mainly used for investments in entrepreneurial talents, projects and enterprises in the Special Zones. Various counties/districts and national-level hi-tech zones (development zones and industry parks) should also establish district-level hi-tech financial service platforms supported by angel investment funds, venture capital funds (companies) and technological small loan companies.
16. To establish the municipal intellectual property exchange, engage in relevant transactions and trading, promote the commercialization, capitalization and demutualization of intellectual properties and provide venture capitals with convenient entry and exit channels.
17. To establish “Leading Panel for Construction and Development of Special Municipal Hi-tech Entrepreneurial Communities (Special Cluster Zone of Innovative and Entrepreneurial Talents)” led by the leading municipal officials. The Leading Panel, under which respective offices will be set up, will be administered by the municipal science and technology committee and responsible for centralized coordination and specific implementation of relevant tasks.
18. To include the construction and development of Special Zones as an important aspect in the performance assessment of leading CPC and government officials of districts/counties and hi-tech zones (development zones and industry parks). To conduct forecasting, joint hearing, process follow-up and progress assessment for the industry positioning, construction planning and objectives of various Special Zones to ensure the orderly construction and development of Special Zones.
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