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Nanjing International Plum Blossom Festival
Plum blossom is the city flower of Nanjing. Since 1996, Nanjing Municipal Government has held many Nanjing International Plum Blossom Festivals at Plum Blossom Hill which is located in the Zhongshan Mountain Scenic Area each year. Now the festival has become a state-level tourism event renowned at home and abroad. Many blossom themed activities are held during February and March which attract millions of visitors.

Qinhuai International Lantern Festival
Qinhuai Lantern Festival is an important component of Qinhuai culture and a famous traditional festival of Nanjing. It has been successfully held for 26 years in the Confucius Temple at Qinhuai Scenic Belt since 1985. Each year from Jan. 1 -15 up to several million locals and tourists from home and abroad visit the lantern shows.

Gaochun Rape Flower Festival
A special festival held in China’s only International Slow Town – Yaxi of Gaochun County when the rape flowers blossom. The golden flower sea, the slow town scenery and the delicious farm food attract many visitors.

China Nanjing International Osmanthus Festival
A special garden activity of Linggu Temple held yearly when osmanthus flowers blossom in autumn.

Gaochun River-Crab Festival
With river-crab as the carrier, the festival is held to fully display the special aquatic products, scenic spots food brands and folk customs.

Red Maple Festival
A seasonal activity of Qixia Mountain held when the maples are red.

Tangshan International Hot Spring Culture Tourism Festival
Tangshan is a very famous hot spring resort in China. It used to be exclusively for imperial families in ancient times. Tangshan International Hot Spring Culture Tourism Festival started in 2009. Many hot spring experts and international tourists come to attend various activities and forums related to hot springs every year. The festival has become a famous vacation and leisure brand of Nanjing.
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