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Under the correct leadership of the provincial government, the city of Nanjing has made significant achievements in its economy and society and won a good beginning to start the "Fifth-Five Year Plan" as the people of the region from top downwards seized the opportunities and deal with the crisis and challenges by taking firm steps under the light of scientific outlook on development. In 2011, the GDP citywide reached RMB614.552 billion, up 12% YOY; Local general budget revenue reached RMB63.5 billion, up 22.4%. In 2011, the city's industrial output value of industrial enterprises above designated size was RMB 1 trillion, and the tax revenue and profits totally was more than RMB100 billion. The GDP of primary industry was RMB16.361 billion, up 4.1% YOY; the GDP for the secondary industry RMB 276.099 billion, with an increase of 12.3 %, of which the industrial GDP RMB 239.051 billion, with an increase of 13.0% YOY; and the GDP for the tertiary industry was RMB 322.091 billion, with an increase of 12.3 %. The weights of the 3 categories are improved to 2.7:44.9:52.4. Software sales reached RMB150 billion, with an increase of 50%. The total imports and exports was surpassing USD50 billion for the first time, of which exports was more than USD 30 billion, with an increase of 22.1%. The actual use of foreign investment was $ 3.5 billion with an increase of 24%. The weight of R & D expenditures to the total GDP accounts for 3.1%. The GDP of private economy was RMB244 billion. The disposable income per capita for urban residents was RMB32,200, and the net income per capita for rural workers was RMB 13,100, up 13.7% and 17.8% YOY respectively. 
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