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The 7-Kilometer Landscape Road in the East of the Qinhuai River Was Completed

On July 10th, the citizens walked in the greenway in the Qinhuai River scenery belt in Jiangning District. The “Landscape Road” of about 7 kilometers east of the Qinhuai River in Jiangning District was completed. It is understood that the “Landscape Road” was south to Tianyuanlu Bridge and north to Shangfangmen Bridge. During the construction process, the river bank embankment was strengthened and the about 3-kilometer road to prevent flooding on the top of embankment was transformed.  At the same time, a number of viewing platforms and leisure plazas were set along the road, so that the citizens who come here to relax can experience painterly scenery everywhere.


Source: Nanjing Daily

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