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Appreciate Lanterns,Enjoy Spring Festival


At 7 PM on January 28th, the 33rd Qinhuai Lantern Festival lighting ceremony was officially launched at the Grand Baoen Temple Heritage and Scenic Area. With the theme of “ Resplendent Nanjing Spring, Happy Spring Festival”, this year's Lantern Festival will adopt a three-dimensional exhibition of “water, land and air” and a light show throughout the city. Lights along the Qinhuai River across the Nanjing Circumvallation, extending to the Hexi New City, lighting the banks of the Yangtze River, shining the source of the Qinhuai River. As the "Our Festival" opening ceremony, Qinhuai Lantern Festival highlights the outstanding traditional Chinese culture, shows the historical context of the ancient capital Nanjing, enriches the cultural connotation of traditional festivals, and presents gifts for the 70th anniversary of the New China.


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