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Nanjing to Set up Municipal-level “Postdoctoral Research Stations”

Approved by National Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security and National Post-Doctor Management Committee, 42 units in Jiangsu have been approved to set up postdoctoral research stations, with the number of newly-added stations ranking No.1 among the whole country. There are 15 units in Nanjing which are mainly among the "4+4+1" leading industrial enterprises, and the number of new stations ranks No.1 among the whole province. As of now, there have been 91 state-level postdoctoral research stations and 60 provincial-level research stations in Nanjing.

The postdoctoral research station refers to an organization approved to recruit and cultivate postdoctoral researchers in enterprises, scientific research and production institutions and special regional institutions. It is an effective carrier for the combination of industry-university-research and to enhance enterprises' independent innovation ability.

“Since this year, under the motivation of the Document NO.1 of Nanjing municipal party committee, many units in Nanjing have actively set up postdoctoral research stations.” Chen Ping, division chief of Management Department of Professional and Technical Personnel of Municipal Human Resources and Social Security Bureau, introduced. The newly-approved postdoctoral research station will gather and cultivate a batch of high-level innovative talents who will become the main force of core technologies and major research projects, providing intellectual support for the construction of innovative city of Nanjing. This year, in order to give full play to the important role of the postdoctoral system in the gathering of high-level talents, in the cooperation among industry-university-research and in the transformation of achievements, Nanjing began to appraise and elect municipal-level “postdoctoral research station”. For those enterprises which have not set up state-level or provincial-level postdoctoral research stations, they can apply to the Municipal Human Resources and Social Security Bureau to set up municipal-level “postdoctoral research stations” and the enterprises selected will obtain a subsidy of 50,000 yuan. For the high and new technology enterprises among the "4+4+1" leading industrial enterprises, they have the priority to set up municipal-level “postdoctoral research stations”.

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