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Nanjing Kirin Innovative Life Festival to Be Held on Oct. 13th

On Oct. 13th, "Nanjing Kirin Innovative Life Festival", the city's first large-scale comprehensive publicity and exhibition activity with the theme of scientific and technological innovation and with the pattern of manifestation of concerts and exhibitions, will be held at Kirin ecological park.


As a core area of constructing globally influential innovative city and main supporting area of comprehensive science center, Kirin hi-tech industrial development zone has planned this innovative life festival to help Nanjing construct innovative city and comprehensive science center. It will show the vitality of Nanjing and characteristics of green, science&technology and livability through such S&T innovation activities as music festival, creative show, S&T exhibition and innovative interactive experience, striving to form an exclusive IP of Kirin hi-tech zone.

It is learned that the innovative life festival takes "green, livability, science&technology and future" as the theme, and mainly consists of the opening ceremony, S&T innovation exhibition and musical party. At that time, there will be not only the unveiling of the light cube project and the S&T project display of 40 key enterprises, but also interesting popularization of science such as AI chip making, three-dimensional action& expression capture, UAV and 3D printing, as well as interactive experience including photography robot, intelligent medical treatment, mini-supermarket and image recognition. The magical stage performance, hi-tech man-machine interaction and immersive technology display will enable the citizens to closely feel the charm of S&T innovation while enjoying leisure and entertainment.


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