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China-Germany Agricultural Product Quality Safety Technology R&D Center Is Established

In recent days, China-Germany Agricultural Product Quality Safety Technology R&D Center was established in Kirin high-tech zone. The center is jointly established by NingTong Bioanalytics (Nanjing)Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of the well-known German testing company Planton in China, as well as Jiangsu Academy of Agricultural Sciences and Kiel University.

The center will transform the high-end technology in the special testing field such as transgenosis, microorganism, pesticide residue, etc. and deepen the safety inspection technology for import and export agricultural products to provide strong technical support for agricultural trade between China and the EU.

While cultivating the leading industries such as AI, information technology, technology services, etc., Kirin high-tech zone will also introduce various inspection and testing technical institutions and vigorously develop the inspection and testing industry in virtue of the technology platform. At the same time, it will strengthen interaction and communication with Germany and carry out more extensive cooperation in economy and trade, technology and other aspects.

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