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Nanjing University Cooperates with Intel to Set up AI Research Center

On Sept. 12th, Nanjing University cooperated with Intel to hold the opening ceremony of AI IPCC center (Intel Parallel Computing Centers) which is the first AI-orientated IPCC for Intel. The AI IPCC center will focus on the latest technical research on machine learning, including a new generation of deep learning model which is Deep Forest proposed by professor Zhou Zhihua, dean of School of Artificial Intelligence of Nanjing University.


Zhou Zhihua said that the cooperation with Intel will further promote the research on machine learning algorithms and will further help Nanjing University push its research results to industrialized applications.

Song Jiqiang, dean of Intel (China) Research Institute said that deep learning requires a lot of marked data and Deep forest is a good innovation. It can be used on a small amount of data and is possible to be changed into comprehensible knowledge. Thus, its application field has also been extended, which can go directly to the perception and decision-making level, laying a foundation for the spiral escalation of algorithm and hardware.


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