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Free Ticket of Hongshan Forest Zoo to Be Issued on Sept.10th

On Sept. 3rd, Hongshan Forest Zoo announced that according to the list of activities of free scenic spots in Nanjing in 2018 published by Municipal Price Bureau, the zoo is to organize free open activities as planned in September. 35,000 pieces of free e-tickets will be issued between Sept 10th and 14th and between September 15th and 21th, 5,000 pieces will be used in batches each day.

The principal of the zoo introduced that citizens can get free e-tickets in advance at the official WeChats of Nanjing Gardening and Greening Bureau and Nanjing Hongshan Forest Zoo after 10 a.m. every day between September 10th and 14th. The zoo reminded that a total of 7,000 pieces will be issued every day, namely each 1,000 pieces of free e-tickets for 7 days between September 15th and September 21th. The daily amount is limited and the tickets are issued in order until it runs out.

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