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Over 300 Teachers and Students Teach Farmers to Surfing the Internet

Recently, 2018 Jiangsu promotional activities for farmers to use Internet was launched in Nanjing College of Information Technology and more than 300 teachers and students from the college, Changzhou College of Information Technology and Huaian College of Information Technology left for the countryside on the same day to carry out summer social practice activities, teaching the stay-at-home villagers to use Internet and operate smartphones and conducting a research on farmers to use Internet.

The activity, sponsored by Jiangsu Economic and Information Technology Comission, and Jiangsu Provincial Committee of the Communist Youth League of China and co-organized by China Telecom Jiangsu Branch, aims to promote the production of agriculture and realize the transformation&upgrading of traditional agriculture, to drive farmers to become rich and to accelerate the integrative development of primary, secondary and thetertiary industries in countryside. Since 2013, the activity has been held every summer vacation. Over the past six years, nearly 10,000 teachers&students have participated in the activity, more than 1,000 practice teams have been orangized, more than 3,000 special trainings have been held and more than 100,000 farmers have been trained.

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