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The First Academy of Supervision in Jiangsu Is Established

On July 1st, the first Academy of Supervision in Jiangsu was established in Nanjing Audit University.

According to introduction, the publishing and implement of Supervision Law of the People’s Republic of China not only marks national supervision system reform stepping into a new stage, but expands the scope of traditional supervision objects and raises a higher claim for the legal accomplishment of supervisory personnel. Meanwhile, under the situation that the national governance system increasingly emphasizes the supervision control and auditing control, there is still a gap in supervisory legal personnel. It is estimated that the annual demand for national office discipline inspection personnel is 30,000 and professional legal supervision personnel is 4,500, however, only four universities including China University of Political science and Law have set up supervision related majors at present. Therefore, the establishment of the Academy of Supervision in Nanjing Audit University will certainly contribute a new force to the construction of the rule of law in Jiangsu.

In recent years, Nanjing Audit University actively carries out interdisciplinary teaching and research, proactively strengthened horizontal integration of law and audit major and takes the road of development of compound specialized law talents which has become the characteristic and highlight of the school.

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