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Housing Rental Industry Association Is Established

Recently, the founding conference of Nanjing housing rental industry association was convened. The association is to strengthen communication and contact among member enterprises, to protect the lawful rights and interests of member enterprises and tenants, to promote the healthy development of the industry, and to improve the living environment and service level of rental housing in Nanjing.

It is learned that the association was formerly Nanjing housing rental industry alliance founded in 2017. As of June 2018, the member enterprises have provided about 1.05 million centralized housing resources and 26,000  rooms as well as about 35,000 distributed housing resources for Nanjing long-term rent apartment market.

The person in charge of Nanjing Southeast Apartment Management Ltd. introduced that the establishment of the association will be more conducive to the implementation of the national housing rental policy, in favour of the comprehensive practice of the deploy on accelerating the development of the housing rental market by municipal party committee and the municipal government, and play a positive role in standardizing and promoting cooperative development and resource sharing of rental enterprises, in realizing the integration of industry chain and improvement of industry value chain and in promoting the large-scale, intensive and standardized development of the Nanjing rental market.

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