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Paperless Boarding in Lukou Airport Since July

On June 28th, Nanjing Lukou international airport released the 2018 summer transport plan that in addition to adding multiple popular domestic and international air routes, since July 1st, whole process of "paperless" will be realized when travelling.

Whole process of "paperless" flignt service means passengers have fully entered the "scanning age". On the occasion, if a passenger sets out from Lukou airport without baggage, he or she can go through the safety check and go boarding directly with the ID card and effective e-boarding pass certificate which is acquired through “mobile phone check in” in such platforms as airline's website (APP), official wechat of "Nanjing Lukou international airport”, Umetrip APP, etc. Passenger with checked baggage may apply for e-boarding pass in advance, but he or she is still required to go to the check-in counter for baggage checked after arriving at the airport.

Whole process of "paperless" travel supports domestic direct flights seting out from Nanjing, and 9 Air Co.,Ltd. and Spring Airlines as well as connecting flight service and international flight provisionally hold no brief for "paperless" travel.

In July and August, Lukou airport will also add multiple popular domestic and international air routes. For international air routes, Juneyao Airlines plans to incresse the FLT flight from Nanjing to Osaka to 12 flights a week; by the end of July, I-FLY Airlines is expected to add the air routes between Nanjing and Moscow with a flight a week; etc.

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