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NBMPQIC of NQI Wins Award Again

To comprehensively improve the environment quality of construction and decoration engineering, the national indoor environment standard certification promotion conference sponsored by national indoor environment and environmental protection product quality supervision&inspection center and other units was held in Beijing a few day ago. National building materials product quality inspection center (NBMPQIC) of Nanjing institute of product quality inspection (NQI) becomes one of the first batch of “national indoor environment standard certification designated testing laboratory”.

The related principal of NQI introduced that in recent years, the NBMPQIC of the institute has been continuously and deeply promoting the technical service work of indoor environment testing. At present, it has owned multiple sets of high-precision instruments& equipment as well as many experienced inspection technicians. And all the test items have passed CNAS and CMA with the testing ability covering all technical parameters such as radon, formaldehyde, benzene, ammonia, TVOC, etc. Last year, it obtained the recognition of "national excellent indoor environment testing laboratory".


The awarding of "indoor environment standard certification designated testing laboratory" this time again proved its qualification and ability. Next, NQI will give full play to its technical advantages to provide strong technical support for the certification work and contribute to the construction of a safe and harmonious living environment.


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