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NAU Jiangbei Campus to Be Commenced in August

On the morning of June 12th, Nanjing Urban Construction Group and Nanjing Agricultural University signed an agent-construction framework contract which means the construction of NAU Jiangbei campus with a total investment of 6 billion yuan and covering an area of about 1.68 square kilometers officially entered its countdown. It is learned that the new campus is to hold the foundation stone laying ceremony in August.

West to Hengjiang avenue, east to Binjiang avenue, north to Nongchang road and south to west Nannong road, the NAU Jiangbei campus is located in the core area of Jiangbei new area, covering an area of about 1.68 square kilometers. The new campus is planned to construct 1.2995 million square meters of various kinds of school buildings in two phases. Among them, the construction volume of the first phase is about 730,000 square meters. It will be carried out by Jiangbei new area according to the designing scheme by NAU and it is expected to be completed by December 31th, 2020. The second phase will be constructed by NAU itself in accordance with its actual needs.

The east side of NUA Jiangbei campus is a wetland park. According to the designing scheme, the main school gate will be built here. The central axis is to build landscape gallery bridge to create the effect of the door of etiquette. And the symbol building, library, is opposite to the south gate and the shape of the tower top comes from the symbol tower of the teaching building of the old campus, continuing the school's historical memory.


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