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Qinhuai National Fitness Sports Meet Is Inaugurated

On the morning of June 10th, the opening ceremony of Qinhuai 2018 National Fitness Sports Meet and Broadcast Gymnastics Competition was held in Nanjing Xing Zhi Experimental Middle School. It is the first time for Qinhuai district to integrate all kinds of national fitness items held dispersedly throughout the year into a large-scale sports meet of national fitness, so as to encourage the masses to participate in sports and to strengthen their health. In the future, the sports meet will be held once a year in Qinhuai district.

A total of 45 teams joined the competition on June 10th and 18 teams would be selected to receive rewards of varying degrees. There will be more than 30 items of national fitness competitions in a year, including mountain climbing, tug-of-war, broadcast gymnastics, table tennis, i-go, Chinese chess, etc. The purpose is to let more government functionaries and community residents get involved in the national fitness activities.

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