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The Jiangsu Center of Medical Treatment Alliance of Cardiac Failure Is Established

Heart failure is called “the last battleground for heart disease.” In this battle, patients have to go to and from the hospital repeatedly and pay high medical expense, however, the death rate is still as high as 60% after 5 years of illness. On June 3rd, the Jiangsu center of national medical treatment alliance of cardiac failure was established. Nearly 70 hospitals in the province cooperated with each other to guard against heart failure.

A director of Department of Cardiology, Gulou hospital said that when cardiovascular disease develops into terminal stage, the cardiac failure will occur. Among the patients receiving treatment in Department of Cardiology of Gulou Hospital, the number of patients with cardiac failure accounts for about 15%.

Cardiac failure is no longer a disease only for the elderly. A recent patient with heart failure in Zhongda Hospital is only 26 years old. A director of Department of Cardiology, Zhongda Hospital said that large changes in diet structure, poor living habits and other causes have greatly advanced the disease spectrum.

This time, nearly 70 hospitals in Jiangsu province joining the Jiangsu center of national medical treatment alliance of cardiac failure means that the prevention and cure of cardiac failure steps into jointly guarding against and the first thing to do is quality control. How to conduct quality control? At least 18 to 20 items of indicators which were set by Cardiac Failure Quality Control Center of National Center for Cardiovascular Diseases have been discussed. Next, the medical treatment alliance will assess and guide the work of the participating units in accordance with the requirement.



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