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Nanjing Technical Vocational College Cooperates with ZTE to Establish ICT Institute

On May 30th, Nanjing Technical Vocational College and ZTE XINYADA cooperated to set up ICT (Information, Communication and Technology) institute. It is another entitative professional institute after the establishment of Rail Transportation Institute set up by the college and Nanjing metro. ICT institute will carry out specialized technical personnel training in the fields of communication, network, cloud computing, etc.

President of the college said that considering the development of ICT industry and demands for talents, as early as in 2015, the college had cooperated with ZTE XINYADA Education in the aspects of specialty co-construction, teacher resources co-construction, students cultivation, technology cooperation and R&D, etc. Now, the college has opened courses such as big data, network security and cloud computing in network technology and e-commerce majors and has established a provincial shared vocational education cloud center.

The courses of ICT institute cover communication networks, big data, network security and other majors. The teachers are both from enterprises and colleges. The most advanced commercial equipment in the industry are used in teaching to strive to maximize the connection between practical training and real network. In addition, while completing the teaching task, the college will also carry out professional training for various talents in ICT industry in Nanjing, in Jiangsu province and throughout the country, so as to improve the utilization efficiency of professional education resources.

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