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Nanjing to Establish Civil-military Collaborative Innovation Strategic Alliance

On May 23rd, the founding conference of Nanjing civil-military collaborative innovation strategic alliance was held in Nanjing University of Science and Technology (NUST). The alliance, composed of many institutions of higher learning, research institutes, industrial parks, financial institutions and civil-military integration enterprises, is to deeply promote the civil-military collaborative innovation and industrial development of Nanjing.

On the conference, the member units passed the constitutions of alliance and elected the chairman, executive vice chairman and vice-chairmen units of the alliance. It is learned that the alliance is to comprehensively implement the strategy of innovation-driven development and civil-military integration development and to accelerate the research on civil-military integration policy, talent cultivation, special training, achievement transformation and project implementation through integrating the innovation resources in Nanjing such as science and technology, talent, platform, think tank and finance to form the overall resultant force of civil-military cooperation, boosting the implementation of the "121" strategy of Nanjing and promoting the construction of innovative city.

At present, the alliance has prepared a series of activities. For example, holding special job fair of civil-military integration, organizing special exchange meeting of technology transfer in Nanjing area, etc.

The initiate of the alliance has been supported by the Civil-military Integration Development Office of Provincial and Municipal Development and Reform Commission. NUST is one of the sponsors of the alliance. Fu Mengyin, president of NUST said that the university would fully support the construction of the alliance, integrate high quality innovation resources of the university to share with the alliance, promote the transformation of university’s high quality scientific and technological achievements and guide excellent talents to be settled in Nanjing and to construct Nanjing.

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