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Jiangsu Geriatrics Society Is Established

When aging of population becomes an unavoidable social problem, who will protect the health of the elderly? On May 12th, Jiangsu Geriatrics Society was established. On the same day, the first member representative conference was convened in Nanjing and more than 200 members among the whole province attended the conference.

As an economic and populous province, the aging of population is becoming increasingly serious. By the end of 2017, the number of people aged 60 and above in the province had accounted for 20.21% of the permanent population, and it was expected to exceed 30% by 2029 and in 2052, it will reach the peak 37.81%. “We are now rapidly entering the era of population aging, and the elderly are in urgent need of medical care, rehabilitation, nursing, long-term care and other professional services, ” said Lu Jun, vice chairman and secretary-general of Chinese Geriatrics Society. As the 9th professional society of Chinese Geriatrics Society, Jiangsu Geriatrics Society owns a professional team with medical workers as the core, and will be devoted to studying the improvement of the medical technology level of the aged and to promoting the integrated development of medical care in the future, not only paying attention to the treatment of geriatric diseases, but exploring the psychological guidance in the decline phase of the elderly to improve the quality of life of the elderly.

It is reported that Jiangsu Geriatrics Society was initiated by the only three-level geriatrics hospital which is Jiangsu Geriatrics Hospital and other hospitals in Jiangsu.

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