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The Production Value of Display Industry in Nanjing Is to Reach 300 Billion Yuan

How far is the flexible display screen away from us? When can 8K TV be applied in ordinary families? On May 9th, 2018 Cross-Strait (Nanjing) New Type Display Industry Summit Forum was held and the participants discussed industrial technology, market trends and co-construction of industrial chains. Experts believed that the age of intelligence is coming, and as a key city in global display industry, Nanjing should seize the opportunity to promote the display industry to be bigger and stronger and to achieve high quality development.

2018 is the 50th anniversary since the invention of liquid-crystal display. After the forum begins, Ouyang Zhongcan, academician of Institute of Theoretical Physics of CAS, is the first to give a speech. He believes that, unlike chip, the development of China’s display industry catches up from behind and now takes the second place in the world. At present, China has built up a large scale production system of LCD panel, which will lead the development of the global display industry in production capacity and innovation ability in the future. A number of experts say that driven by market and policy factors, China's display industry will surpass South Korea to be No. 1 in the world by 2020 at the latest.

“There have been 3.7 screens per person in the world.” Mr. Ouyang believe that as the era of Internet of everything and artificial intelligence is coming, OLED, the next generation of display technology, will be widely used in smart phones, VR, wearable devices, TV, smart cars, etc., and the overall market is promising. In the future, the flexible display screen and 8K over-sized TV will accelerate to enter ordinary families, and new technologies such as printing display and quantum dot display will also be developed rapidly.

Nanjing is an important town for global display industry with more than 1/8 of the global LCD modules being produced in Nanjing. Shen Yinlong, vice director of Management Committee of Nanjing Economic and Technological Development Zone introduces that Nanjing development zone has gathered many world famous display companies such as CEC Panda, LG, SHARP and Foxconn, realizing the integration of the whole industry chain of LCD panel, module and complete machine with the industrial production value broke through 200 billion yuan in 2017. The development zone is also actively promoting the development of the next generation of silicon - based OLED display, micro - led display and other next-generation display projects, and the development of photoelectric display industry in the development zone is moving towards 300 billion yuan. The development zone also actively introduces and cultivates the next generation of display projects including silicon based OLED display and micro-led display to boost the annual value of production of the photoelectric display industry in the development zone to move towards 300 billion yuan.

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