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The Project of Jinling Town Is Officially Signed A contract

On the afternoon of May 7th, Niushoushan cultural tourism zone and China Construction Eighth Engineering Division (CCEED) as well as Lingshan Group signed a cooperation agreement on construction and operation of the project of Jinling town to define that the project will be advanced in PPP (Public-Private-Partnership) mode and the construction of the sample area will be commenced before June 30th 2018 and be finished before April 30th, 2019.

The small town covers a planning area of 5 km2, a total construction area of 780,000 m2, and a total investment of about 10 billion yuan. Adhering to the concept of “trinity” of industry, culture and tourism and integrative development of production, living and ecology, the small town is dedicated to building itself a creative and characteristic nesting zone for cultural tourism with strong vitality and abundant commercial value. Niushoushan will take the initiative to find the difference compared with other areas, learn from the industry benchmark, and promote the high quality development of construction, management and operation of the scenic spot, building Jinling town into a new model for the construction of characteristic town.

Constructing characteristic town is an important breakthrough in promoting the integration of "production, city, people and culture" and the development of urban and rural integration. The successful signing of Jinling town not only enriches the connotation of the construction of characteristic town of Nanjing and even of Jiangsu, but also expands a new world for the future development of Niushoushan cultural tourism area. The reporter learned that the project of Jinling town has been included in the key projects of Nanjing and Jiangning.

Niushoushan is the leading brand for Jiangning to create national all-for-one tourism demonstration zone. With the implementation of the co-construction strategy of Niushoushan - Guli, the overall planning area of Niushoushan cultural tourism zone is nearly 50 square kilometers.

At present, Niushoushan is constantly promoting the development of “tourism +” diversified industry, striving to build a new plate for the cultural tourism industry in Nanjing and accelerating to stepping into "Nanjing urban meeting room and Jiangsu cultural tourism new landmark".

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