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Nanjing to Hold “Smart Factory” Thematic Forum

In order to further expand the depth and breadth of business services, on the afternoon of May 17th, Nanjing enterprise service center will hold a thematic forum of “priority services for hundreds of enterprises--financial security and smart factory" and the professional service organization is to share three special topics which are "financial security under the background of the third phase of golden tax project, smart factory design and construction, and business secret protection".

According to introduction, this forum is one of the salons of “priority services for hundreds of enterprises”, and will continue the early style to bring a knowledge feast to the enterprises with vivid case and precise interpretation. The forum will be held at Hilton Hotel in Wanda, Hexi. A batch of quality enterprise service organizations such as ShangErBo finance, Jiangsu Jucheng software, Shenzhen QingZhongfu technology will respectively give guidance to the enterprises which will attend the forum on financial security, smart factory design and construction, and business secret protection. On the forum, the municipal enterprise service center will also release Manual of Nanjing Enterprise Service Alliance Members. The manual brings together nearly 100 quality service organizations and gathers an expert team with 40 people from various fields to provide "brainstorming".

It is reported that relied on the enterprise service alliance, Nanjing enterprise service center recently organized the activity of "thematic salon series of priority services for hundreds of enterprises--finance and taxation and human resource ". Focused on the topics such as final settlement of income tax, weighted deduction of r&d expenses, risk prevention and control of the third phase of golden tax, analysis of cash flow statement and risks in the payment of enterprises, the activity has held five lectures in Lishui, Pukou, Jiangning, Luhe and Qinhuai district, disclosing risks, explaining policies, answering questions& doubts and putting forward practical suggestions for responsible persons, chief financial officers and financial staff of nearly 400 middle&small-sized enterprises. Because of the organizer’s careful preparation, the thematic lecture was detailed in content and had many useful suggestions, being fully praised by the involved enterprises.

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