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High School Affiliated to NNU Shuren Campus Offers “AI” Courses

This semester, high school affiliated to NNU Shuren campus launched the project of "artificial intelligence entering class" and it has become the only middle school in China to offer artificial intelligence courses.

The reporter learned that the series of courses that "artificial intelligence entering class" is an elective course for middle and primary schools guided by key laboratory of intelligent information processing of Chinese academy of sciences and Gulou teachers development center, and jointly launched by SeetaTech and high school affiliated to NNU Shuren campus. The course is offered once a week, 70 minutes per class, and a total of 10 periods in Shuren campus. The course consists of two parts. One is to provide artificial intelligence enlightenment education for students, and the other is to let students understand the basic knowledge of AI technology, guide students to practice, and train their own AI engines and use them to detect various objects and to identify different faces. The teachers, hardware and teaching programs of the courses are mainly supported and provided by SeetaTech. After the elective course was launched, 30 places were taken up within two hours.

Last Friday, the reporter saw on the elective class that the students were holding fruit such as oranges and carrying out identification and record by use of AI engine. "Before identifying, we need to collect a number of pictures of a fruit, summarize and analyze its characteristics, then make an AI model, and finally make the program. If the program is relatively successful, then we can just take a picture of a fruit and upload it, and the name of the fruit can be identified by the image recognition technology,” said a student. “The course is very interesting and I haven’t touched it before. When I successfully identify the fruit with my own model, I really have a great sense of achievement.”

In recent years, AI has always been a hot topic among countries and governments. The essence of AI education is to improve learning efficiency and ability. However, there are two challenges for AI course to enter middle and primary schools. On the one hand, most middle and primary schools do not own relevant teachers. They have no experience in what to teach or how to teach. On the other hand, students of junior middle school age have limited understanding ability, low desire for theoretical study, but high interest in hands-on practice. These problems cannot be solved in one day. At present, through cooperating with relevant units, Shuren campus has such conditions. In the future, it is hoped that more and more middle and primary schools will be able to offer such courses.

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