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Yangzi Petrochemical Develops New Products

A few days ago, Yangzi petrochemical research institute successfully developed a kind of high density polyethylene powder used for environment-friendly water-based coatings which has filled the gap in China and has left out the process of grain production with high added value.

The water-based coating does not contain such toxic substances as benzene, toluene, formaldehyde, etc. which meets the environmental requirement and is strongly promoted by the state. As an important auxiliary agent for water-based coatings, polyethylene powder is of great importance to improve and perfect the performance of coatings.

Yangzi petrochemical research institute makes full use of the production advantage of the powder device and combines with the demand of customers, to provide perfect industrialized production technical scheme, successfully realizing the industrial production of the product for the first time. At present, the customer has a good response after trial.

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