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The Arbitration Court in Jiangbei New Area Is Put into Use

On April 11th, the arbitration court in Jiangbei new area was officially put into use which will provide legal services in the areas of intellectual property, finance, service trade and construction for the civil and commercial subjects in Jiangbei new area.

It is learned that Jiangbei new area is pushing forward a ppp pattern that the government cooperates with social capital. The PPP is a kind of innovated investment and service pattern and the legal issues involved in such disputes are also more complex. However, the arbitration is one of the ideal way to solve civil and commercial disputes with the characteristics of protecting goodwill, convenience&quickness, flexible procedure,low cost, etc. Therefore, Nanjing Arbitration Commission set up an arbitration court in Jiangbei new area to provide comprehensive arbitration legal services such as law and policy consultation and dispute resolution, trial, mediation and adjudication.

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