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Gulou to Launch 173 Urban Construction and Management Projects

The reporter learned from Gulou Economic and Social Development and Urban Construction& Management Work Conference convened on March 10th that this year, Gulou district is to fully implement 173 urban construction and management projects covering five major categories to continue to improve the quality of urban functions.

This year, Gulou has scheduled 173 projects for urban construction and management, among which 123 are municipal-decided projects and 50 are district-controlled projects, with a total investment of 15.2 billion yuan. In terms of transportation infrastructure construction, it is to carry out the construction of seven roads including the first phase of Beixiang road and the southern section of Harbin road, and continue to construct four roads including Hexi road. In addition, it is to continue to construct underground parking lots for Gulou commercial schools and to synchronously implement environment renovation to Honglou villa parking lot, and introduce the social capital to build three-dimensional parking spaces in some old residential areas. In terms of pollution prevention and control, Gulou is to carry out the construction of garden greenbelt in five old urban areas.

In accordance with the goal of "two- beauty demonstration community", it will focus on the protection and quality improvement of the core area of Ninghai road. Therefore, in terms of comprehensive environmental renovation, it is to forge 4 main traffic arteries including Jiangsu road, Shanxi road, etc. with high standards and to carry out the renovation work of 3 major areas and 21 access roads and streets. Also, it is to carry out the renovation to 82 old housing estates, continue to push the work of elevator addition, and simultaneously optimize facilities, perfect functions and support property to improve the quality of living environment.

This year, Gulou district launched the project of "clean homes" to focus on the special renovation of shop biding board, construction site fence and catering industry, to carry out the renovation of 100 back streets, at the same time to deeply excavate the historical and cultural connotation of the street, showing the regional characteristics.

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