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The Activity of 2018 Nanjing Earthquake Prevention&Disaster Reduction in Campus to Be Launched

A few days ago, Nanjing Municipal Seismological Bureau, Municipal Education Bureau and Municipal Association for Science and Technology jointly issued the Notice on the Implementation of the Activity of 2018“Earthquake Prevention&Disaster Reduction in Campus”, which marks the beginning of a new period of the activity of "Earthquake Prevention&Disaster Reduction in Campus".

It is learned that "Earthquake Prevention&Disaster Reduction in Campus" is an activity throughout the year, and it has been carried out for four consecutive years. Mainly centered on the policy of "prevention first, and combination of defense and rescue”, the activity is to carry forward the culture of earthquake prevention&disaster reduction. Taking that safeguarding the life and property security of teachers and students as the basis, and that defensing and responding to the sudden disaster events as the emphasis, it is to carry out the publicity and education activity for earthquake prevention&disaster reduction by using diversified forms, to popularize the knowledge of earthquake prevention&disaster reduction and self-rescue skills, to enhance teachers' and students' awareness of earthquake prevention&disaster reduction and self-help and self-rescue skills, and to construct a safe and harmonious campus environment.

“This year, the theme of the activity is to ‘popularize the knowledge of earthquake prevention&disaster reduction and to enhance the teachers’ and students’ awareness of disaster prevention’”, said the related principal of Nanjing Municipal Seismological Bureau. The activity mainly includes five contents including “comprehensively improving the scientific quality of earthquake prevention&disaster reduction for young people”, “carrying out the publicity and popularization of science of earthquake prevention and disaster reduction”, “carrying out the earthquake emergency evacuation drill activity”, “carrying out the 4th handwritten newspaper creation competition for primary school students ” and “strengthening the construction of the demonstration school for the popularization of science of earthquake prevention&disaster reduction”. Thereinto, the handwritten newspaper competition will be jointly hosted by Nanjing Municipal Education Bureau and Nanjing Municipal Seismological Bureau and the main objects are primary school students, with the contents being basic knowledge about earthquake, earthquake disaster prevention, self-protection knowledge and identifying earthquake rumors. The handwritten newspaper contains three parts including header, text and illustration. There will be two first prizes, eight second prizes, 15 third prizes ans 35 memorial prizes, and the Municipal Seismological Bureau will reward for individuals.

When declaring for provincial-level popularization of science demonstration school, the principal said that each school shall take creating activities as the carrier to innovate the way of activity and enrich the content of the activity. They shall not only incorporate the publicity and education of earthquake prevention&disaster reduction into the teaching content, but also improve the system and measures of emergency management to promote the institutionalization, normalization and standardization of the work of earthquake prevention&disaster reduction, to make the school become a strong battle field for earthquake prevention&disaster reduction and to improve the comprehensive ability of campus.

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